Investment Phase


Medivas is a company specialized in medical evacuations (air and road), on-site medical assistance, emergency medical coverage during events and medical training.


Naïmadolls is a company producing toys (dolls). Today, Naïmadolls products are present in most of local stores (Prosuma, Super U, Casino, Carrefour, Librairie de France, La Grande Récré and Chico).


Eco Clair is a company specialized in industrial laundry services for hotel complexes, businesses and industries, and individual clients.


Syn'el is a company specialized in the artisanal production of sorbets on sticks under the brand Paleta, made from natural juices.

Citrine Corporation

Citrine Corporation is a company specialized in the processing of cassava into fresh attiéké and placali.


E'Sens is a company specialized in the production of essential oils of citrus fruits (bitter orange, bergamot). 

Ivoire Bio Fruits

Created in 2013, Ivoire Bio Fruits is a company offering fresh and dried fruits certified organic in Europe (EOS) and United States (NOP).

Home Medical Services

Home Medical Service (HMS) is a private medical centre offering day care such as consultations, medical analysis and observation.

Le Centre des Métiers Michèle Yakice

The Centre des Métiers Michèle Yakice is a joint venture between Comoé Capital and the Michèle Yakice International Vocational Training School.


Onloutou is a company providing household appliances on a rental basis with a technological component that allows to geolocate the equipment and deactivate it remotely.

Tropic 105

Tropic 105 is a clothing company under the brand name Ciss St Moïse.

La Coccinelle

La Coccinelle is a private kindergarten and early childhood care centre offering a childcare service for young children in daycare and kindergarten and a bilingual recreation centre service during school holidays.

Studio Kä

Studio Kä is a start-up company specialized in the creation and production of educational animated series based on African stories


Etudesk is a start-up offering online professional training through its interactive platform.


IMGH is a private technical and professional training structure specialized in the hotel industry.