Ivoire Bio Fruits

Sector :Agri-business
Entrepreneur :Mehoua René YEO
Creation date : 2021
In portfolio since :2021
Created in 2021, Ivoire Bio Fruits is a company producing fresh and dry fruits. Backed by several cooperatives, Itia offers fresh and dried fruits certified organic in Europe (EOS) and United States (NOP). The company relies on a network of producers based in the main fruit production areas in the south and north of Ivory Coast.

A company lead by Mehoua René YEO

Itia was founded by Mr. Mehoua René YEO, who, after several trainings, started his career in market gardening cooperatives.  He also held the position of General Secretary of the Wopinin-Wognon cooperative society of mango producers in the Tchologo region until 2018.