Sector :Industry
Entrepreneur :Mme Zalika Barro
Creation date :2019
In portfolio since :2022

Lika Cosmétique is a company specialized in the creation and sale of perfumes and scented care products.  It offers its customers a wide range of quality products including perfumes, incenses, scrubs, soaps and night creams. 

A company lead by Zalika BARRO

Lika Cosmétique was founded by Ms. Barro Zalika, a young woman entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in bioengineering and genetics from the University of Fatih in Turkey and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from HEC Abidjan. Zalika Barro has several experiences in various sectors (cosmetics, communication) and has received several awards including Entrepreneur of the Year from the BJKD Foundation. She is also part of the TOP 15 young Ivorian entrepreneurs who are changing the Ivory Coast according to the magazine “Journal d’Abidjan”.