Sector :Education & Training
Entrepreneur :Mme Augustine Bro
Creation date :2009
In portfolio since :2018

The Institut de Management, de Gestion et d’Hôtellerie (IMGH) is a private technical and professional training structure specialized in the hotel industry. Since 2009, the institution aims to improve and diversify its training offers by developing online access to continuing education.

A company lead by Augustine Bro

After several experiences as SVT teacher in Abidjan, Augustine BRO is appointed director of studies in a hotel school where she noticed the lack of students in the profession of cooking and pastry in the city of Abidjan due to the lack of specialized institutions in the sector. She therefore decided to create with a few associates the Institute of Culinary Arts and Hospitality (IACH) in 1999 which became in 2008 the Institute of Management and Hotel Management (IMGH).