Comoé Capital facilitates access to funding to face with the health crisis

With the current health crisis, the I&P Acceleration in Sahel program, of which Comoé Capital is an operating partner, provides additional financing to the companies affected by the health crisis.

Launched by Investisseurs & Partenaires and the European Union, the I&P Acceleration in Sahel is initially aimed at start-ups in the Sahel region (small businesses and start-ups) by providing the financing and technical assistance needed to accelerate their growth. In Côte d’Ivoire, Comoé Capital is involved in the implementation of this ambitious program.

To face the covid-19 crisis, I&P Acceleration in Sahel is dedicating a part of its budget to support fifteen companies with high potential, but which are facing various difficulties and need to adapt themselves to maintain their activities. This exceptional measure is part of the overall objective of job creation in Sahel, but also of protecting existing jobs during this period of crisis.

To date, 3 Ivorian companies supported by Comoé Capital have received additional support to strengthen their cash flow, develop new services, or strengthen their supply sources and thus continue their activities:

The resilience of the entrepreneurs coupled with these additional financial resources have enabled the implementation of new services (digitalization, purchase of equipment and raw materials, strengthening of human resources, etc.).