Feedback on the agricultural equipment and tools handover ceremony for SMEs (in partnership with GIZ)

On Thursday August 24, 2023, a ceremony was held in Ferkessédougoueu to deliver agricultural equipment and tools as part of the PACE initiative, coordinated by Comoé Capital and GIZ.

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Several hundred small producers, working with several of the portfolio’s agricultural companies, have benefited from new materials and equipment to improve their productivity in citrus (bergamot, bigarade), mango and millet value chains.

In addition to the equipment provided, the small producers have also benefited from training in good agricultural and environmentally-friendly practices, and the companies employing them (Rama Céréales, Ivoire Bio Fruits, E’Sens) have received financial and technical support.

This assistance to smaller producers is part of the Partenariat pour la Croissance et l’Emploi dans la transformation des produits agricoles en Côte d’Ivoire (PACE), an initiative launched in 2020 by Comoé Capital and the German Development Cooperation (via GIZ) to promote job creation and improve living conditions for small producers in rural areas, and increase the growth of businesses in the agricultural sector.

“These donations will help to improve farming practices, and productivity”. Joël KOUASSI, develoPPP-PACE Project Coordinator – GIZ – Côte d’Ivoire

“PACE has enabled us to respond to the supply challenges of the portfolio’s SMEs by putting farmers at the heart of our concerns. Beyond improving harvests, the equipment supplied by GIZ creates a considerable impact by increasing income and improving working conditions for producers.” Rasmey CHHUN, Senior Investment Officer – Comoé Capital