Sector :Education & Training
Entrepreneur :Mme Michèle Okei
Creation date :2019
In portfolio since :2020

The Centre des Métiers Michèle Yakice is a joint venture between Comoé Capital and the Michèle Yakice International Vocational Training School. It is an establishment specialising in training for fashion professions (sewing, styling).

In 2020, the Michèle Yakice vocational centre took a new step forward with the launch of Grain de Mode, an incubator which aims to create future entrepreneurs in the fashion industry by offering a class of 9 students initial training, coaching sessions in several disciplines (digital communication, marketing/sales, accounting, etc.) as well as mentoring with a mentor to support each student throughout his or her career.

A company lead by Michèle Okei

Michèle Okei is the daughter of the founder and famous designer Michèle Yakice.

She holds a Master’s degree in communication, administration and management from Pigier (1999). After 6 years of experience in logistics and customer management, Ms OKEI joined her mother’s company in 2005. She trains and becomes the director of studies of the school.