Contribute to the emergence of digital start-ups

Our tool : I&P Acceleration Technologies

Comoé Capital  is one of the implementing partners of the I&P Acceleration Technologies program, an Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) initiative to contribute to the development of african digital start-ups.

Until 2023, this program offers funding and technical assistance to digital startups (or those whose activity is partly related to digital).

This program is an initiative of Investisseurs et Partenaires and is financed by the French Development Agency, which finances, supports and accelerates transitions towards a more just and sustainable world. The I&P Acceleration Technologies program is financed by the Digital Africa seed fund, which is a component of the Choose Africa offer through which the AFD Group is committed to devoting 2.5 billion euros to African start-ups, VSEs and SMEs by 2022.



I&P Acceleration Technologies proposes : 

Seed funding

This funding allows companies to move through the proof-of-concept stage, so that they can demonstrate their model and continue to grow. 

Technical Assistance

The technical assistance allows to strengthen the skills of companies on general issues (accounting, marketing, training) and technological issues (platform development).

Selection criteria

I&P Acceleration Technologies targets start-ups and small companies corresponding to the following criteria

  • Digital start-ups or those whose activity is partly related to digital
  • Based in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Not having received funding